In Memory of Gary Grimes

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  • 12/13/2010 11:46 AM Barbara Wright wrote:
    Thank you for letting us know. Gary was truly a treasure and special person. He has passed from the same brain tumor cancer that took my husband (who Gary knew too) on Oct 9, 2007. I told Gary to hug his family a lot and tell them he loves them every day. I know he did and that he is up in heaven with my husband Robert and John Lennon and George Harrison and they are all happy, illness-free and singing....
    1. 12/13/2010 12:52 PM Valarie wrote:
      And in the end
      The love you take
      Is equal to the love you make.
    2. 12/14/2010 1:30 PM LawrenceMacca wrote:
      Justfound out through my son who is in Them Beatles tribute. I lived in Pittsburgh for 3 years my son and I went to see 1964 a few times. My son loved gary and he was always very nice to us off stage. We met him in Liverpool too. He was a lovely guy and my heart goes how to his loved ones. Thanks Gary for the memories,few perhaps but poignant - Love Lawrence
    3. 12/25/2010 1:13 AM john mullins wrote:
      i have had the pleasure of seeing 1964 for the last 24 years. I met Gary about 3 years ago when they were playing in Liberty KY....I told him that my son Sean was their biggest fan, and when will their PBS video be available for sale...He replied that they could not sale the DVD...but if I emailed him he would send it to me. A couple of weeks later, Gary send me the DVD, he even paid for the shipping! What a class act! Sean has played that PBS concert every day for the last three years....and has taught himself to play the drums thanks to Gary's gift. We will miss you Gary.... Thanks for everything John and Sean
  • 12/13/2010 12:00 PM Chuck Christensen wrote:
    We are so sorry to learn that Gary has left this plane. Thanks to Gary for giving us so much pleasure and experiences. Amazing people always leave us too soon, but Gary will be remembered and our experiences with Gary and the band bring us such joy. RIP Gary, now you can play with George, and John, they will welcome you with open arms. Keep up the legacy.
  • 12/13/2010 12:07 PM Jessie wrote:
    Gary always loved this poem...

    An Irish Blessing

    (A Blessing from St. Patrick)

    May the road rise to meet you,
    May the wind be always at your back,
    May the sun shine warm upon your face,
    May the rains fall soft upon your fields,
    And, until we meet again,
    May God hold you in the hollow of His hand.

    You will be sorely missed!

    Jessie (JT4Fab4)
  • 12/13/2010 12:43 PM justa64fan wrote:
    Like I posted in a different thread..Gary is not only with the angels, he is an angel. Just remember that infectious smile of his and his love of music. He is forever young and healthy and will be making beautiful music again. I am proud to have known him for many years and have been able to call him my friend....and will hold on to that until I see him again.
    You will be missed more than you know my friend.
  • 12/13/2010 12:45 PM Kenny Loftis wrote:
    I first saw Gary and the band back in 1990 and was amazed, it was like seeing the real Beatles for those of us who never got the chance. Later, our own tribute band Revolution went to see 1964 at Maddie's and hung out after the show and talked with all of the guys and they became great mentors to us ever since.

    With lots of love Gary, rest in peace and play "as loud as you like" because there are many Beatles fans here today because of you and your mates.

    From all of us in Revolution.
    Kenny Loftis Jr.
    Kenny Loftis Sr.
    Lenny Schultz
    Mark Myers
  • 12/13/2010 12:47 PM Angie Gambino wrote:
    Gary will always and forever be remembered not only for his incredible talent but his love for his family, friends, music and most of all life itself. We must celebrate his life.
    Rest in Peace Gary. I will miss you x
  • 12/13/2010 12:49 PM Greg Grimes wrote:
    I'm Gary's nephew and I just wanted to say that this is very comforting. Thank you to everyone who made it. It was beautiful. He'll be greatly missed.
    1. 12/14/2010 1:11 AM Colleen wrote:
      Greg I had the pleasure of meeting your Uncle Gary almost 20 years ago. The first time meeting him was awesome. He was so down to earth and took the time to talk to everyone if only for a moment. That moment hooked me for a lifetime. He will always be in my heart and everytime I look at his picture will be like the first time meeting him. I will miss his infectious smile and those beautiful blue eyes of his. Gary will rock on in heaven and one day we will all rock together again as if it were a Beatle's Concert. Love to Gary's family. PEACE LOVE & BEATLE'S FOREVER.
    2. 12/21/2010 10:03 PM lehnen54 wrote:
      I saw 1964 The Tribute in 1990, I was in AWE..I was 6 yrs old when I bought my first Beatles album...$1.99 and they made me think I was there...he gentle in his songs..just like Paul...with his
    3. 3/15/2011 6:16 PM Fernando martinez wrote:
      Just wanted to say. Bless Gary as Paul. Other than Paul he was to me n my girlfriend the best Paul. I followed the band for many years. I hooked my girlfriend n fam to the band. All r beetles freaks like me. I wondered wat had happened to Gary. Not seeing him n the band. We just found out. He was brilliant n we r very sad to lose our paul. We will really miss him. Our thought n prayers to his fam. Peace to you Paul. Gary.
  • 12/13/2010 1:23 PM Frank Caesar Branchini wrote:
    I go to a lot of live shows and I have seen Gary Grimes and 1964 at least two dozen times. Gary was quite simply the best at what he did. I am so sorry to hear of his passing. This is so sad. I hold him and his family in the Light of my thoughts and prayers.
  • 12/13/2010 1:30 PM J. Sadlek wrote:
    Great tribute to the front-man of THE tribute band, Steven! You have done him justice. He will be missed. Gary had a great talent, and it will be hard to replace him. At least he did what he loved, for so long, as long as he could. Sing on, Gary. Sing on.
  • 12/13/2010 1:33 PM cjmaybee wrote:
    I learned of Gary's passing this morning on Jimmy Pou's facebook. I am saddened that I will never be able to see Gary perform, I hear he was quite the performer. Only youtube vids will I be able to see him. Im sure Ricky Vacca will do well as his replacement, although you can never truely replace a master. RIP Gary Grimes
  • 12/13/2010 1:42 PM Holley wrote:
    I'm really sad to hear about Gary. I hadn't been to a 1964 show for a few years but I remember how very kind he was to me. He always would pose for pictures with me when I came to shows and made me feel special (as he did for many others). He was so good to his fans. He will be greatly missed.
  • 12/13/2010 2:03 PM Tina Treece wrote:
    Dear Gary and all of the family and friends. I too am comforted by the love and peace that he has shown so lovingly.
    Tina & Dave Treece from Pittsburgh, PA
  • 12/13/2010 2:21 PM Patti Crichton wrote:
    Steven, this is absolutely LOVELY - EVERYONE who has ever loved or been touched by this beautiful man NEEDS to see this. These photos are the BEST I have ever seen of Gary (and I have seen many)and totally capture his essence, both as "just Gary" and his portrayal of Paul. Anyone questioning his character, need only look at the huge number of tributes and messages posted on his and daughter Michelle's Face Book pages. How could so many people be wrong? I am devastated by his passing; but at the same time, thankful that he is now at peace and rid of any pain. My family has known him since 1986, soon becoming personal friends. I had the privilege of running "1964'S" fan club for a couple of years,after Steve and Anna Rupert from Toronto, no longer had the time after the birth of their daughter. It was a labor of love for me (this before computers - so it did take some time). We are now celebrating an incredible man - always smiling, blue eyes sparkling and had such a zest for life. The love he had for his family, friends, and even his fans was inspiring. We could all learn from Gary and honor him by trying to instill some,if not all of those same qualities into our own beings. He was truly a class act and will be sorely missed by all of us. He has rejoined his parents and something tells me he JUST might have a jam with John and George! ROCK ON my friend, you will be forever in our hearts...until we meet again. With LOVE and condolences to Suzy,Michelle,Michael and the rest of the Grimes and "1964" family - Patti Crichton, Cleveland Ohio
  • 12/13/2010 2:23 PM Tommy Cox wrote:
    The Grimes family are in my prayers. I met Gary several years ago at Longwood College in Faremville VA. I told him that I play (Paul) in Beatles tribute band called Hard Days Night The Band. He was very kind to share his learning experience on playing left handed (Which by the way I thought he was a natural lefty) as was the whole band. He asked me, "Are you playing left handed yet?" And I said no that it must be incredibly hard to do that. He then encouraged me to do it. He said you can do it because I did. I will never forget his kindness and how much he sounded like (Paul) To me he was(Paul)God bless you Gary you will be missed!!
  • 12/13/2010 2:51 PM Janice Colao wrote:
    I'm so sorry to hear of Gary's passing. He was a phenomenal performer and will be missed. My prayers are with Grimes family and the 1964 family as well.

    Godspeed Gary!
  • 12/13/2010 3:25 PM P.Carwana wrote:
    On this sad day, I remember meeting Gary for the first time and how he made me feel I’d known him for years. I celebrate your life Gary and everything you did to bring such pleasure to our lives.

    Life is a gift, given and taken at some unknown time. Your time came too soon - your life was over in a flash. The fun you shared, the joy you brought is in my memory. May you rest in peace.
  • 12/13/2010 3:38 PM David Jenkins wrote:
    Beautiful video, Steven, thanks so much.

    I had the immense good fortune to book 1964 for the past 23 years and across six states in various theatres I've run, and to his family and fans I'll just say this.

    Gary was quite literally the nicest person I've ever met in this business.

    He lit up every room he walked into.

    Gary, you'll be deeply missed by the audience, and by those of us lucky enough to have known you.
  • 12/13/2010 3:48 PM Sandy Wilson wrote:
    I was so saddened to hear from my sister Cindy Camp, that Gary had passed away this morning. I was fortunate to have met him once in Wilmington DE at the Three Little Bakers show. The next time I saw them, Gary was in treatments. He was a beautiful spirit and I am so thankful to have been in his life momentarily. RIP Gary - see you on the other side. You will be missed by all.
  • 12/13/2010 4:33 PM Fran Bare wrote:
    I am so sorry to hear about Gary. He was always so cheerful and warm. He will be greatly missed. Your forever fan, Fran.
  • 12/13/2010 4:37 PM Fran Bare wrote:
    I was very saddened to learn of Gary's passing. He was phenominal, in all he did and was. We will greatly miss such a tremendous talent. I surely will miss his warm smile and wave in future 1964 appearances. I'm glad he's not suffering any more. Play with the guys in Heaven, Gary!!! They will welcome you with open arms!!!
  • 12/13/2010 4:47 PM manny morales wrote:
    A wonderful, talented guy who brought joy to so many people. He will be sorely missed.
  • 12/13/2010 5:21 PM Bulldog wrote:
    Sad day for all music fans.Gary is in heaven with no pain and rocking the place.Andre Gardner from wmgk102.9 in Philly and a BIG beatle fan just informed us and dedicated todays Beatles block to Gary.Prayers to his family and millions of fans
  • 12/13/2010 6:34 PM Winona wrote:
    1964 was the first Beatles tribute band I ever saw. Thank you for the music, Gary - you will be missed.
  • 12/13/2010 6:51 PM Trina wrote:
    What a terrible loss! In my opinion, 1964 was THE BEST Beatles tribute band out there and that's largely due to Gary. I used to go see them perform every chance I got when I lived on the East Coast. When they started playing Carnegie Hall in New York, it was magical! Gary was the spokesman for the band, dealing with press and publicity. He was always so nice to me and so generous when working with Daytrippin'. This is a total shock - Gary will truly be missed.
  • 12/13/2010 7:17 PM Lori Citero-Bunker wrote:
    I have known Gary and mark since the early 90's....always a special friendship, goes even beyond the beautiful music..I am still in shock over this passing and can only hope and pray there was no suffering...The most fondest memories I have are with these lovely boys..Gary is in with some beautiful company now, and he is happy, we are sad because he is not with us...but his talent, love intellect, and music will ALWAYS be with us ALL...God Bless Gary's Family, friends, and the Tribute Band...Have a Safe Trip Home, Gary..We will never stop thinking of you....Mark, you have my deepest..just remember the lovely words you told me when my Dad were wonderful and they were very helpful....All Our Lovin', Gary<3
  • 12/13/2010 7:54 PM Bob Quarles wrote:
    I know that I speak for our entire band when I say that we are all extremely sad to hear of Gary's passing. We extend to Gary's family our deepest and most heartfelt sympathy.

    My band, The English Channel, had the great fortune to play with 1964:The Tribute in Richmond, Va., a couple of summers ago. It was such a tremendous treat for us to meet all the guys. But it was especially wonderful for me to have had the chance to visit with Gary during our setup & sound check. He was warm & outgoing and made me feel like we had been friends for years even though we had just met. As usual, his performance as Paul was perfect that night.
    What a nice man and fabulous performer!
  • 12/13/2010 8:04 PM Lisa wrote:
    The news of Gary's passing has broken my heart. I pray his family will be able to find peace knowing he is in a better place and is no longer in pain.
    God Bless them all.
  • 12/13/2010 9:09 PM Sheryl wrote:
    Gary was a wonderful musician and an even more wonderful person. He will be truly missed. My thoughts and prayers are with his family and those he held close.
  • 12/13/2010 9:45 PM Chris H wrote:
    Gary ( and the band) gave me a chance to play with them for a week while Greg recovered from an injury. It was AMAZING to have the opportunity to go out on the road with them.It was something I always wanted to do and never realized how tough it was until I did it. "1964" does it all year. Very tough! This would never have happened without Gary. I love you brother and I will miss you everyday... !
  • 12/13/2010 10:53 PM Cindy Camp wrote:
    I am so sorry for your loss but at least now Gary is free from pain and can be with all of us, all of the time. Gary will forever be in my heart because of the way he treated me and how he always had a moment for everyone. May his family know we are praying for them and that we are so thankful to them for sharing Gary with us for all of these years. Gary was one of the most beautiful souls I have ever know and I have been blessed to have known him. Peace and love always to you.
  • 12/13/2010 10:54 PM JOHN PAUL WARNE wrote:
    Gary will be sadly missed as a Macca impersonator not just for the band 1964 but for all Macca and Beatle fans all throughout. While he has now joined John and George and Stu in the afterlife, we all miss him and I personally convey my condolences to the 1964 Tribute Band and hope that in spite of his passing, the band will continue to perform. Rest in peace Gary, and yes regards to John, George, Stu, Brian Epstein, and Linda.
  • 12/13/2010 11:13 PM Dr. Chuck Stevens wrote:
    No words will ever express the fondness I had for Gary & his family. I have know Gary since the beginning of 1964. MC of tons of shows all over and he and Mark both were frequent guests of mine on my Original Breakfast With The Beatles radio show. Nothing but Love goes out to him and his family. I am still in shock. Rest In Peace my friend.
  • 12/13/2010 11:25 PM John Sell wrote:
    Our condolences to Gary's family and friends and his band-mates present and past. Gary touched our family in many ways but in particular both my sons. He made sure every show was special for my special needs son who after seeing "Paul" for the first time back in 1998 left the show saying "Paul, he waved to me" and told everyone he knew -that "Paul waved to me". That one little wave from a smiling Gary started a long friendship with a very kind soul. After contacting Gary and relaying the story of the "wave", he sent the boys copies of 1964s CDs and an autographed picture and assured us we would meet again - that was 24 shows ago.
    Gary made certain to wave to Christian at every show and over the years made sure that Christian felt very special. My younger son, Justin started singing on stage after seeing Gary and Mark over the years. Gary again paying special attention to Justin at every show -before and after. Reading the many posts on this and other pages is a testament to the man he was. We are all better for having known him and hopefully over time the pain will ease and the memories will flourish.

    God Bless and Rest In Peace Gary.

    John, Wendy, Christian and Justin.
  • 12/13/2010 11:39 PM Charles F. Rosenay wrote:
    Gary was a fine musician. He was a wonderful McCartney. 1964 played my Beatles conventions in CT because Gary and Mark were fans too, and wanted to be close to their fans.

    More importantly than his musicianship, Gary was a gentleman, he was a mensch, he was a friend.

    The Beatleworld - and the world in general - is an emptier place with him gone. My love and heart go out to Suzy and the Grimes family.

    Cheers, Charles!!!
  • 12/13/2010 11:58 PM John Hamilton wrote:
    Gary Grimes was the best "Beatle Paul" ever! I loved seeing "1964" with him playing bass and singing. He will be missed by many friends and fans. He is probably visiting with John Lennon and George Harrison in heaven. RIP Gary....and thank you!
  • 12/14/2010 12:30 AM Miki Narita wrote:
    Gary was my most favorite Tribute Paul and he was fabulous! I still cannot believe that that warm,friendly, handsome and fabulous guy is taken away from us due to the horrible brain cancer! There is dark shadow hanging in front me me, missing him, big emptiness in my heart and I cannot explain how much I miss him and how sad it is to lose such a nice friend. I have seen 1964 Tribute shows in different locations a lot and every time he recognized me, he smiled and waved at me and called me, " Hi, How are you, Miki?". He was a real nice and friendly guy and not only his great music talent and his good manner on stage, he made us feel comfortable and warm inside and I loved his warm and kind personality as a human being. Not only he was the great musician but also he was the great friend to all of us! I feel like losing my closest big brother. So sad.... I am praying for his safe journey to Heaven and I am sure he is meeting with his heros, John, George over there. I just miss his nice and kind voice, smiles and himself. He will be greatly missed. We love you and miss you, Gary. Shine on forever! Thank you so much for the great music, love, great times you gave to all of us. Miki Narita@ toronto

    I want to thank him to be such a wonderful performer and friend to all of us. I love him and miss him so much. There is no word to explain this saddness.

    I am praying for his safe journey. That's all I can say at the moment. In tears.....

    Gary, we miss you and love you! Shine on forever!

    Miki Narita @ toronto
  • 12/14/2010 12:41 AM Jimmy Pou wrote:
    I was lucky enough to play lead guitar in "1964 the Tribute" for 12 years with Gary, he was the kindest person, a real loving guy, with a big heart, it's true what they say about his infectious smile. He was the "Happiest Man in Show Business" He will truly be missed, not just as a great musician who learned how to play left handed even though he was right handed, but he will be missed because he was loved by so many friends and family and fans, and he was like a big brother to me, I was lucky enough to call him my friend, rest in peace Gary, I love you, Jimmy
    1. 12/16/2010 11:57 AM Tim Fitzpatrick wrote:
      Well said, Jimmy. I feel so lucky myself to have spent some time with Gary, as well as Mark Greg, and you. As others have said, Gary was so personable to everyone. My friends James, Eddie, John, and I are blessed to have been able to call him a true friend. It was amazing to just stand back and watch him talk to everyone, and make them all feel like a family member. Right now there is a deafening silence in our world, and a bright light has gone out...
    2. 12/17/2010 12:28 PM Karen V wrote:
      How right you are Jimmy, I think I saw you all sing at least 20 times in Norman, OK. Gary was always so willing to answer fan emails and was just a great and fun guy. We will all miss him. Karen V.
    3. 12/21/2010 10:05 PM lehnen54 wrote:
      AWE...your so luckey to have know him...
    4. 1/14/2011 11:41 PM Jeff McLawhorn wrote:
      Jimmy, I was fortunate to see you with the band in 2003... and will never for get the talent, the moment, and the smiles.... and Gary had the biggest smile... visible from any seat in the house.... my heart is sad....
  • 12/14/2010 1:10 AM Jeremy Davis wrote:
    Rest in peace, Gary. I will never forget the first time I saw "1964" as a teenager. I sat mesmerized by your performance, as Paul was my favorite. Watching you, I thought to myself I am watching Paul! I'm too young to have ever seen the Beatles and you made that "happen" for me. After that show, I started learning how to play the bass, and later got myself a Hofner. Two-dozen shows or so later, you were always a friendly & welcoming face. I will dearly miss that. Thank you for all the wonderful memories!!!
  • 12/14/2010 1:11 AM Ron McNeil wrote:
    Dear 1964, Friends & Family,

    My sincerest condolences to all. I only had the pleasure of talking with Gary one time at AROTR. It was just before Gary, Mark, Jimmy and Greg performed their last show together. It was pouring down rain, but Gary was upbeat, funny, and eager to get on stage. Although I only spoke with him once, I felt like I had known him for years. Gary was a true professional. Through his love and passion as an entertainer, he was able to bring joy to millions of people. That was his job, and that will continue to be the job of 1964, and all of us tribs.

    Peace and Love to All,
    Ron McNeil
    The Fab Four
  • 12/14/2010 2:07 AM Alexis wrote:
    I was heartbroken to learn of Gary's passing this morning. I have been to a number of 1964 shows, and I remember how nice and personable he was to everyone, and how welcomed he made you feel. He was a talented musician and a beautiful person. He will be missed.
  • 12/14/2010 8:39 AM Martin Dodd wrote:
    RIP Gary my friend, you were one of the nicest people I have met in The Beatles Tribute Band world as are the other guys from 1964

    My condolances to his family fellow band mates from 1964 and also Jimmy Pou (Ex 1964) who was in the band when I first met Gary!
  • 12/14/2010 10:20 AM Richard Lukas wrote:
    My condolences go out to Gary's family.
    And that is both immediate and the 1964 family, also .
    I don't really know what to say but of course we were all praying for him to recover, eventually .
    I first saw 1964( as The Beatles )at the CNE in Toronto on Aug. 29, 1991 at a beer tent ! After the Rod Stewart concert at the stadium , I saw their sign( always really wanted to see them ) , saw their show , and chatted with them for a long time and Gary was very warm and enthusiastic .
    I have seen them about 33 more times since then ,audiotaped many shows ,and Gary always had that certain flair and took time to talk to many fans at great lengths and made you feel you were part of " The Story ".
    I even was mistaken for him once at a show !( a fan wanted me to autograph his cd ! ) It must have been a resemblence in the cheeks!
    I saw 1964 last on November 27, 2010 in Brampton ,Ont . and talked to Mark Benson to wish Gary our best and give him our prayers . He was to see him the next Tuesday .
    This is a tremendous loss in The Beatle world and an artist such as Gary, with his talents and poise, is rare .
    We will all miss him and his smile tremendously !
  • 12/14/2010 10:57 AM Susan B wrote:
    Gary WAS Paul. He may not have looked exactly him or sounded exactly like him, but he so took on the persona that he was Paul. I remember being told by a friend that we must see 1964 - they used to come to Worcester, MA every summer. I dragged my husband along who is a total Beatle fanatic and VERY hard to please. We lucked out getting up very close and he was TOTALLY blown away. We've been huge fans ever since. We got to meet Gary and Mark after a show and they were so down to earth. We saw 1964 last fall without Gary and we missed him so much! This is a sad day. Our best to his family and friends and fans. He was the best!
  • 12/14/2010 10:57 AM Rich Bailey wrote:
    I am very sad today on hearing of the passing of Gary. I first saw him with 1964 many years ago in Worcester Ma. Being a Beatles fan and a musician had made me very wary of the tribute band thing, having seen many bad ones. 1964 was different.What I saw in 1964 was the spirit of the Beatles. NO other band has captured that.
    Gary of course was a big part of this. Seeing him portray Paul was always a joy. My wife and I always felt these good vibes that came from him when he performed. He and Mark always took it beyond putting on suits and playing and singing which will always make 1964 the best.
    I offer my prayers for him, his family, and friends. And I thank him for all he has done for us over all of these years!
  • 12/14/2010 1:25 PM Jim Farmer wrote:
    I met Gary a couple of times after shows and he seemed like one of the nicest guys you could ever want to meet. A very sad passing for everyone. God Bless you Gary
  • 12/14/2010 1:36 PM LawrenceMacca wrote:
    I just heard today through my son Clark today about Gary. I didn't know he was ill. It was a shcok. I live in Scotland now but we met Gary several times when we lived in Pittsburgh We saw him several times with 1964. My son loved him and he was always very nice to us off stage. 1964 were a great influence on Clark who now has his own tribute band "Them Beatles". I also met him in Liverpool at the Beatles convention where we were both performing. He was a lovely man. My heart goes out to his loved ones.Thanks for the Memories Gary they may be few but they were poignant and good ones. Lots of Love Lawrence
  • 12/14/2010 1:43 PM LawrenceMacca wrote:
    I just heard today through my son Clark about Gary. I didn't know he was ill. It was a shock. I live in Scotland now but we met Gary several times when we lived in Pittsburgh We saw him with 1964 . He also gave me his solo album which I enjoyed. My son loved him and he was always very nice to us off stage. 1964 were a great influence on Clark who now has his own tribute band "Them Beatles". I also met him in Liverpool at the Beatles convention where we were both performing. He was a lovely man. My heart goes out to his loved ones.I also admired how he adapted to left hand bass playing as a right hander. Someting i tried and failed at - no easy task.Thanks for the Memories Gary they may be few but they were poignant and good ones. Lots of Love Lawrence
  • 12/14/2010 2:41 PM Eddie Stair wrote:
    Many of you long time followers of the guys remember me from the old board. You would know that I and my family have followed the group for many years. The very first impression I got of 1964 many years ago other than their uncanny renditions of Beatles songs and their personalities was Gary Grime's continuous smile and infectious happy mood. My deepest sympathy to his family and all of his fans. We lost a dear friend but Heaven has gained one heck of a musician. Rest in Eternal Peace Gary.You will not be forgotten and loved forever.
  • 12/14/2010 2:53 PM Mike Capaldi wrote:
    I’m deeply saddened upon receiving this news today. I’ve had the enormous pleasure of working with Gary and Mark over the past 10 years. And, after graciously being invited to my first show in 2001, I became a big 1964 fan.

    My heart goes out to those closest to Gary. He was a really great guy. He made me feel like a personal friend and I’ll miss him.
  • 12/14/2010 6:23 PM Steven Truitt wrote:
    I was sadden to hear about Gary's passing.
    1964 The Tribute has been playing a show in my theater, the Bass Performance Hall, Fort Worth, Texas once a year since 1999.
    I will always remember seeing Gary on show day with that contagious smile he had and what a joyful man he was. He always had the time to talk to the fans. I could not imagine him ever having a bad day or making an enemy. He was the epitome of optimism. Via Con Dios Gary, you have brought a lot of joy to people through your gift of song. And you know what?, there really are guitars in heaven. Now hit it, one, two,three FIVE!
  • 12/14/2010 6:58 PM deb Webb wrote:
    I am very sad to hear the news of Gary passing. I have seen these guys over and over again for years, and have had so many good times with them. He will be so missed, what a wonderful person he was, and very talented. I am very shocked as I didnt know any of this was going on. Mark and the guys must be very upset by this news, my heart goes out to them as well as Garys wonderful family. THANK YOU Gary for all the good times, the beautiful music you made, and how wonderful you treated all the fans. Always had a smile and kind word to say, you will be SOOOOO missed, we love you and will never forget you. R.I.P. my friend and I know you are smiling from up above. Love you, DEB
  • 12/14/2010 7:20 PM G Partin wrote:
    Gary was the all time best. At times, he was more like Paul than Paul. He was what we expected Paul to be; mop topped and smiling. Always had a twinkling wink for a fan. He made dreams reality for those of us too young to be there when it was happening. Thank you, Sir Gary Grimes.
  • 12/14/2010 7:54 PM Sandi Conner wrote:
    I was so very fortunate to have worked with 1964 The Tribute many times when I was on air with the Oldies station in the Lynchburg-Roanoke, VA area. Gary was always fun and full of life. It was a joy to work with the entire band, but Gary always stood out in my memory..I guess because when I was growing up, my favorite Beatle was Paul. He will be sorely missed and I pray that his family, band mates and friends will find God's comfort in this time of pain. Rest in peace, Gary. You are loved and will be missed.
  • 12/14/2010 7:59 PM FJ wrote:
    We will miss him immensly here in Richmond VA. I have been a huge fan since 1990 and have seen many performances. I only met Gary a couple of times at Penny Lane Pub and he was always so personable and genuine. I didn't even know he had been sick and was SO looking forward to the next visit. 1964 is truly THE BEST at what they do and this is very sad news to this fan.
  • 12/14/2010 8:06 PM Steven Truitt wrote:
    I was sadden to hear of Gary's passing. 1964-The Tribute has played my theater every year since 1999. I always looked forward to show day. I remember Gary with that contagious smile, and that laugh! He was a joyful man. I could never imagine him having a bad day or making an enemy. He always had time to talk to the fans. Thank you Gary for spreading happiness and love through your gift of song. There really are guitars in heaven. Now hit it! One, two three, FIVE!
  • 12/14/2010 8:12 PM Robert McDaniel wrote:
    I was saddened today to hear of the passing of Gary Grimes. I'm sure he will be sorely missed. I never had the opportunity to meet him, but there just seemed like an aura about him that made you want to get as close as you could. I never missed the band when they came to Fort Worth, Texas from the very first time they came. Sometimes even made both shows. My prayers are with his family, friends, and the boys in the band.
  • 12/14/2010 10:30 PM Scott Newell wrote:
    I will miss his smile, his enthusiasm, his exceptional talent, his friendship and, simply, him.
  • 12/15/2010 12:15 AM Denny M wrote:
    1964 was my fave Beatle sound alike group. - saw them at least 8 times and couldn't wait to see them again. Gary and the gang gave us the best bang for the buck since we never saw the Beatles in person. Live Beatle music is real - it is forever - it lives on. I do an acoustic Beatles night once a year at a local winery and everyone loves it......... 1964 - please continue if you can - Gary was a great "Paul" and I don't know if you can replace talent like that......Thank you for all the great performances. DM.
  • 12/15/2010 12:36 AM Ken Setter wrote:
    It's hard to add much to what has already been said about how much Gary will be missed, but I felt I had to write something. I just want his family and band mates, especially Mark who has been with him since the beginning, to know the breadth of people he has touched.

    After one of 1964's many Tulsa shows several years ago I asked Gary to please continue doing the shows as long as he could because 1964 brought so much joy to so many people. He just smiled that beaming smile of his and said, "How could anyone not love doing this?" Well he did play them as long as he could.

    I'm going to play my copy of "Starhand Visions" now.
  • 12/15/2010 4:21 AM Becky wrote:
  • 12/15/2010 7:17 AM Rich wrote:
    This is hard to believe
  • 12/15/2010 9:38 AM Marilyn Gerber wrote:
    I am simply stunned at the news; I've seen 1964-the Tribute many times and they never failed to put on a great show. Gary's enthusiasm was so heart is truly broken.
  • 12/15/2010 10:07 AM Wirebaugh01 wrote:
    I have known Gary and his family since I was a child. I went to school with his children. When I was i grade school i was introduced to 1964. Which was truly a wonderful ,inspirational event in my life. In my generation I was never able to see the real Beatles. So they were my chance to be able to experience the real thing. Every year they would play on my birthday and sing to me. This year will be the first time I will miss their December show. He will be missed by me and my family. Thank you for all the great years and concerts. He truly was a awesome musician
  • 12/15/2010 4:44 PM Mandy wrote:
    Gary will be missed not only for his singing but just to joke around with and chat with when coming in the cleaners at White Swan in Tallmadge. Never liked the Beatles til I saw this band called 1964 The Tribute. Hope your singing with John up there in heaven now. Will miss you!!!!
    1. 12/29/2010 6:13 PM Deborah wrote:
      Mandy, did you write that great blog about Carnegie Hall last year? We are coming this January and I'm wondering about the dress code? Do you wear jeans, or real dressy, or somewhere in between, or all of the above?! Thanks for any information...
  • 12/15/2010 5:55 PM wayne wrote:
    i became friends with gary after the band played at my sons bar mitzvah in 2008.i sang a yiddish version of "a hard days night" on stage with was a thrill for me and gary was most impressed..he was a true " mensch" as an artist and a real person. i have lost a friend today!
  • 12/15/2010 6:11 PM Don French wrote:
    So very sad to hear about Gary. I got to meet him on many occasions over the years, saw him many many times. And correspond with him through e-mail. The only thing that exceeded his wonderful talent, was his warm personality. He indeed was very approachable, kind turned, and generous to his fans.
    My heart goes out to Gary's family, his friends, and Mark and all the members, both former and present of the band. He will be sorely missed.

    Thank you Gary, for all the great performances, and being such a unique wonderful person. Your fan always, Don French.
  • 12/15/2010 7:01 PM Nancy Riley wrote:
    I was so saddened to hear of Gary's passing. I met Gary in Nashville in 2005 and had the pleasure to walk with him from the meet & greet to the auditorium. We talked about both being from Cleveland and about the Beatles tribute band, The Return. He was a super nice guy and will be missed greatly!
  • 12/15/2010 9:38 PM Jeffrey wrote:
    Saw '1964 - The Tribute' in Knoxville, Tenn, in January of either 2008 or 2009 (exact year momentarily escapes me).. they were absolutely great! or should I say fabsolutely great!!! My condolences to his family, friends and fans. R.I.P. Sir Gary.
  • 12/15/2010 11:08 PM Roy Evans wrote:
    At age 14, I watched The Beatles on Ed Sullivan.Unfortunately, I was never able to see them live in cuncert. Then, three years ago, I went to see 1964 The Tribute, play at Festival in the Park in Roanoke, Virginia for the first time. I was blown away! I closed my eyes that day, listened to the band, and it was the Beatles on stage for me. Gary Grimes was fantastic in his portrayal of Paul. This would be the only time that I would see Gary in this role. I will always cherish this memory. My condolences go to Gary's family and his bandmates. RIP Gary.
  • 12/16/2010 12:07 AM Joan wrote:
    My heart goes out to Gary and his family and friends. May he rest in peace. I have been to see and met all the 1964 members several times over the past 25 years, and they have always been the most gracious, nice people. It's always been just like seeing an actual Beatles concert too. He will be sadly missed.
  • 12/16/2010 1:18 PM Debbie Fletcher wrote:
    Saw your show in Tulsa and you were all great especially Gary playing Paul. I am sorry for your loss.
  • 12/16/2010 2:29 PM Paula wrote:
    He will forever be my Paul McCartney. He was absolutely amazing, what a loss.
    Norman, OK
  • 12/16/2010 4:12 PM Andy Walker wrote:
    I just wanted to express my condolences to Gary's family and bandmates regarding the passing of such a wonderful person. We see "1964" every time they come through Norman, OK, and they never fail to impress. At their shows, it is very easy to imagine yourself at a real Beatles concert in the '60's. However, after the show at the meet-and-greet, one finds out that they are all regular down-to-earth guys who obviously enjoy what they do. Gary's passing is certainly a reminder to us all to embrace all that you love and enjoy all that you can. We're on this earth for a very short the Beatles sang, "Life is very short an there's no time for fussing and fighting, my friend." Gary personified the love and caring that we should all aspire to; just look at the comments that have been submitted about his warmth and generosity! The world is a poorer place with Gary's passing, but the heavens are rejoicing with is presence.
  • 12/16/2010 11:54 PM Ben Gilbert wrote:
    So Sad to hear about Gary. He was a true Gentleman and I was very proud to have gotten to know him alittle. My condolences to his family and his bandmates. Such a great guy, I will miss him.
  • 12/17/2010 12:37 AM mark wrote:
    "Two irishmen walk out of a could happen!" was one of my favorite lines Gary Grimes would say on stage as 'Paul McCartney' of 1964 The Tribute.
    The audience would wait for the next line and slowly realize the joke. The laughter would start to build and build until everyone was laughing and clapping.
    It made people happy every time we performed and so did Gary.

    One of a million favorite memories I have of him.

    Shortly before 3:00 AM this morning, december 13th, my left hand, Gary Grimes graduated from his time here in this earthly plane to his next gig. I lower my head in silence and find all my uncried tears.

    He was my business partner, my musical partner in 5 bands and several recording projects, the 'Paul' to my 'John', and for over 30 years, my best friend.

    We opened doors we never imagined would open together, fought and howled together, pissed and moaned together, went to Starbucks and Waffle House together, walked onto thousands of stages all over the world together, and always, always sang our asses off....and man could he sing!

    He always considered himself a singer first, not really a musician, and credits me for forcing him to learn to play bass guitar left handed by only bringing a left handed bass to a gig when he was first switching over from right handed. it was an accident, I swear....

    The truth is much more simple. He was a gifted singer and a determined talented musician who inspired many. Me included.

    He showed me the magic a smile and a giggle can have.

    He loved this forum and the people on it.

    I never saw him turn anyone away who wanted his attention and he'd give you the shirt off his back for the asking.

    Faithful husband and devoted loving father.

    We were who we were. We did what we did.

    He was and will always be my brother.

    I've missed him since he was diagnosed.

    I carry on with a heavy heart and thank you for all the goodness we shared as friends and bandmates.

    I love you, Gary.

    I can hear you singing already...

    Let know how you're doin', OK?

    1. 12/17/2010 12:55 PM Mike D wrote:
      Gary was a great guy. I have picked you guys up at the airport and brought you to Enid, Oklahoma a couple of times over the years and it is easy to tell how close you and Gary were. It is true that you were like John and Paul in the early years and that you were like brothers. I just want to let you know that there are lots of us out here who feel a huge, gaping vacancy in this world with the loss of Gary and just know that our thoughts and prayers are with you Mark and the rest of the guys in the band and Gary's family...
    2. 12/19/2010 1:03 AM Rhonda Wathen wrote:
      I know you heart is so sad. You two were fabulous together whenever we saw you. Our kids loved seeing you perform together. For a 7 and 11 yr old, they knew who 1964 was and was always eager to see you perform. Know that the Wathens of KY are keeping you in our thoughts.
    3. 12/19/2010 6:43 PM Kathy wrote:
    4. 12/21/2010 4:23 PM Cathy Smith wrote:
      Thank you for sharing this with us, Mark. Hang in there. We can't wait to see you again at Red Rocks. Gary will always be there in our hearts and minds and in the joy that 1964 brings to all of us through you.
    5. 12/22/2010 1:18 PM Mandy Johnson wrote:
      A few years ago someone forced me to listen to a sound bite of a Beatle Tribute band - As a Liverpool ex pat who knew the Beatles in the neolithic real time 1964 I objected strongly because I found trib bands insulting to the memory of my city's heroes. And then I heard them! I thought it was The Beatles and when my husband got tickets that night at the Rams Head in Annapolis, I emailed the band and said "You'd better be good - I heard the originals more times than most people have had hot meals". I ate my or otherwise..and sat mesmerized hearing every nuance, movement, nasal tone, guttural jibe, stance, wit, They had become The Beatles - My Beatles. And in the middle of their performance Gary Grimes stopped the show to say "Is
      Mandy Johnson here?" I responded, and he went on - "Well do we pass?" in a pure Scouse Accent..After the show when he heard I was a writer and sometimes reviewed Brit bands he invited me to cover the New York's Carnegie Hall performance and I began a fun excursion
      into reviewing the concert for their web site. Producers, directors, comedians, movie stars, television stars all loved this band - Gary's band, Mark's Band their tribute to the Beatles! The line up may change,
      but the show will remain superlative because that's who Gary Grimes was and 1964 reflects it perfectly. He was fun, loyal,committed to his lovely wife and family and a brilliant mimic and musician. I am proud to have tried to comfort him in his last days,to have spoken with him, shared the bond of the awful sickness and pain as a cancer survivor myself. In the emails we exchanged during his illness he not once showed anything other than love for his family, fans and friends. Mark - you were his brother in arms....(eight in fact) He was so proud
      last year at Carnegie Hall - even in sickness he sang right along with the
      performance, giggling at any fluffs and was, much to my chagrin his generally obnoxious self and a backseat driver..but he WAS there - supporting his band. Gary Grimes was, is,forever will be a "mensch" of the highest order, an honorary Liverpudlian,who has helped create a symbiotic "Trib" band which can let the music live as well as spiral to new and greater heights. He will remain a part of us all, stellar and his star will continue to shine! Always peace my dear- I am proud to have been his "paperback writer" and above all his friend. He'll let us know how he's doing, Mark...perhaps he has already.
      1. 12/29/2010 6:15 PM Deborah wrote:
        Can't wait till Carnegie Hall THIS year! What is the dress code? Is it jeans or dressy or both?!
    6. 12/22/2010 11:31 PM Colleen and Bill Dickinson wrote:
      Our thoughts and prayers are with you. Bill met you guys in Hull Quebec at the Hullabaloo back in the 80's. He saw the Beatles in Montreal in 1964 and said that your show was the closest thing to the Beatles he had ever seen. To this day he compares all to your show. I saw you for the first time in Ottawa at the St Laurent Shopping Centre and became an instant fan. We have seen you many times since and Gary always recognized Bill. You and Gary made every fan feel special and always seemed to remember faces and you have seen alot of faces over the years.
      John and George needed a bassist for their band in heaven and now they have Gary. Rest in peace kind man, you will be missed.
      1. 12/23/2010 3:00 PM Christine Klinger wrote:
        Amen! To your comment about Gary truly John & George needed a bass player for their new Beatle Band up their in Heaven. I am sure all three men are singing"God loves you yeah, yeah yeah"
        to Our Lord & Saviour.Knowing Our Lord and Saviour I am sure he is honored by the two former Beatles's & Gary's praise song version of She loves You to him.Amen to that Bill & Colleen? By the way Bill that is so cool that you got to see the real Beatles in 1964, I had a chance to see them in K.C. Mo. in September of 1964 but my parents wouldn't take me to see The Beatles. But I got to see plenty of Beatle Tribute Bands but none as good as 1964 The Tribute. Amen? Peace Always:
        Christine Klinger
    7. 12/29/2010 10:46 PM Lisa wrote:
      Mark, your message to Gary is so very fitting of him. I know how you must miss him, but knowing he is no longer in pain, and in a much better place should be a comfort to you. I can not imagine the feelings you are having, as I know how close you and Gary always have been. We here in Va will miss him terribly. We miss seeing all of you, but looking forward to seeing you again someday soon.
      I know Gary has a big smile on him face knowing all the nice (and very true) things you have said about him.
      Please know that your fans here in Norfolk Virginia are thinking about you guys and praying for comfort for you all as well as Gary's family.
      God Bless
    8. 1/4/2011 12:11 AM Kevin McCarthy wrote:
      Mark et al; Oh my God what a loss you must feel. As one of those local DJs that has had the honor to work one of your shows, I know how close you were.

      Over the last 25 years you have made me feel like I was part of your family.Sue and I had our first date at your show at West Port theater. You let me have the priviledge of video taping your shows across the United States and I have always cherished your friendships.

      I spoke to Gary a few days before his passing to wish him a Merry Christmas; he sounded positive and upbeat and we said we were looking forward to 2011.

      The World has lost a kind, gentle and talented man. I wish you and the guys only the best as you deal with our loss. I know I have lost a great friend, I can't imagine how tough it must be for you.

      Please let me know if there is any thing I can do. May God bless us all.

      PS; Tell him I've still got a little bit of that Ratzaputz if you guys need it!
    9. 1/11/2011 7:28 PM Suzi Hauman wrote:
      On Jan 10, 2011...I just learned of Gary's passing from Mark Johnson and I'm heartsick! What a fabulous Talent! what a nifty guy! His performances were stellar...overwhelmingly joyous! And, call his phone number to ask a favor---he'd get on the phone and 'chat' as if he'd known you forever! God bless to Gary's Wife and family, you know he was a Wonderful human being! He was truly the 'Heart' of 1964 and his fans will miss him incredibly!!!Sincerely, Suzi Hauman, Pittsburgh, PA
    10. 1/13/2011 8:46 PM Kathy wrote:
      It's hard to believe a month has gone by, but I just wanted to let you know I was thinking about you.

      When you take the stage Sat night, I know Gary will be right there with you smiling down and singing along.

      There are places I remember....

      Kathy with a K
    11. 3/11/2011 7:48 PM Christine Klinger wrote:
      Mark that was such a beautiful tribute in honor of your late friend & late band mate. Mark please know that Gary is no longer suffering from his illiness & is up in Heaven with the real
      John Lennon & the real George Harrison singing God Loves You to the melody of She Loves You. I to cherished & always cherrish Gary's friendsship & yours to Mark. As Gary said it & put it so beautifully Mark: Peace Always:
      Your Fan:
      Christine Klinger
  • 12/17/2010 2:49 AM Rick wrote:
    I have heard the groups music a few times now and am ver sorrowful with the los og Gary!!! Thanks you guys for all of your Beatles music in memory now of Gary!!!!!!
  • 12/17/2010 12:35 PM Karen V wrote:
    To all of Gary's Family, Thank you so much for sharing him with the rest of us. He so loved performing for us all and it was reflected in every song he sang. Always smiling, always giving, always friendly. I have such great memories of watching him as Paul. My fellow fans and I will miss him. Peace and Love. ---- Karen V.
  • 12/17/2010 12:58 PM AJ DeFeo wrote:
    I had the opportunity to meet Gary once at the Keswick Theatre & spoke to him twice on line. What an absolutely beautiful man & and a incredible talent.
    He always told me to have fun with it (playing the part of Paul) & with your audience. I know Gary is having fun with John & George. My prayers & love go out to his family. God Bless you Gary & thank you.
  • 12/17/2010 2:33 PM Kevin McC wrote:
    I just heard the terrible news and I'm deeply saddened. My sincerest sympathies to all of Gary's family, friends and band mates. What a terrific, wonderful person. We got to know each other a bit just over the past couple of years and I treasure the times we spoke. I simply haven't met a better, kinder more caring man. What a great talent, what a great person ! I know there's a heaven and I know your there Gary. Thanks for the great memories.
  • 12/17/2010 3:04 PM Dennis & Bryan Jarusewic wrote:
    My son and I have seen 1964 several times. Gary seemed to be a very nice person as well as a very talented performer. We are sorry for his loss and wish his family the best..."May The Road Rise....
  • 12/18/2010 12:26 PM Dennis Carter wrote:
    I saw 1964 for my first time in 1999 at Baglefest in Mattoon Ill they were truly Fab RIP Gary i saw the Elenor Rigby clip on the website and i was chocked up my thoughts and prayers to his Family
  • 12/18/2010 4:10 PM Carol C. wrote:
    My condolences to Gary's family and friends and band mates and all who have enjoyed his presence.
    I met Gary back in 85/86 with my fiancee'/husband, Gordon and his mother, Louise, and Stan Stone in Sarasota, Florida. Gary was a beautiful person. My husband, Gordon (who was fighting cancer) and our son, Robert and I got to see your show (1964)in St. Petersburg, 2009. Gary gave us comp tickets! Love you guys. Such a great man, Gary. A great performer. He will be missed.
  • 12/18/2010 8:35 PM Maria wrote:
    My heart is broken...
    Gary was easily the nicest and most caring person I have ever known. I send my deepest condolences to Gary's family and "the lads".
    Peace and Love.
  • 12/19/2010 12:58 AM Rhonda Wathen wrote:
    Gary was always my favorite of the band. I had seen the group perform in KY in Louisville, Liberty & Bardstown with Gary as a member. No one in my heart could fill the part as well as Gary. Those big blue eyes glowing at the crowd were just amazing!!! I will miss you.
  • 12/19/2010 6:21 PM Michele Wronkovich Dunn wrote:
    I am so sorry to hear of Gary's passing. He had truly a beautiful voice and spirit. I remember when they first started back in the 80's and how he had to learn left handed base. Didn't take him very long to master "Paul" at all. We all have been blessed to know him as a husband, father, and a friend.
  • 12/19/2010 6:30 PM Kathy wrote:
    Gary was the heart and soul of that group. His joy of the music would emanate from the stage, it was a treat to watch. since we both grew up near Cleveland and shared many memories of the culture of the town. Every time came out on stage and saw me in the audience, he would lean and tell me to "Stay Sick" which a phrase Goulardi the host of the late night fright show would say or "Turn Blue". My thoughts and prayers are with his family. Golden Slumbers, my beautiful friend.
  • 12/19/2010 9:53 PM Dave Forrester wrote:
    I have seen 1964 ABOUT 20 TIMES....Even booked them once in Burlington NC and they put on a awesome show....we had them on a Monday night and did not draw a big crowd.....they played through the show andgave it their all....when it came time to settle up we were about $3,000 short to meet our obligation to them.....Gary told me not to worry about it and gave me his home address told Mark that he trusted me to send the check.Mark smiled and said no problem you are a great judge of character...we had 2 groups late in turning in their advance sales but 2days later he recieved his check...and called me to thank me for coming thru...he was great man and preformer
  • 12/20/2010 1:59 PM Annette Archer wrote:
    I have had the distinct pleasure of being Gary and his wife Suzy's next door neighbor for the last 21 yrs. Suzy is one of my best friends in the entire world, we have been there for each other through births and deaths, and through all the crazziness in between, The Grimes family have become my extended family, and we share a very special bond, my heart breaks with them for Gary's passing, but he was curagious until the end, and now finally at peace..I was fortunate to be able to talk with Gary on Friday,2 days before he passed, and I got to tell him everything I needed to say, and to thank him for everything he has done for me and my family,I told him he was my hero, and that I loved him very much, and he responded with a private comment that I will forever cherish...I love you my dear friend...rock on in heaven Gary...until we see each other again...
  • 12/20/2010 5:50 PM Deb Webb wrote:
    It's been only a week, and am still in shock and very saddened by the news of Gary passing. I do have all the wondeful memories of Gary and the band to hold on to. I understand the band will still be touring, and to the new memeber, bless you for taking on such a huge task. You definately have BIG SHOES to fill as Gary was absolutely wonderful. I will continue to support 1964 as I always have, and may we never forget the joy and talent Gary gave to us for so many years. THANK YOU Gary for the time, love, and dedication you put into the band and your fan base. And I know you are up there with John and George, probably so happy to finally meet them, as I'm sure they are you. You will never be forgotten my friend, IN MY LIFE, I LOVED YOU MORE........Much love you to Gary, Mark, and the rest of the band. Keep playing beautiful music as I'm sure Gary would have wanted. LOVE, Deb
  • 12/20/2010 6:24 PM Rick wrote:
    I took my 14 year old daughter to see a show in St. Louis at the Pageant Theater several years ago. We sat on the third row on the center aisle. She knew all the words to all the songs and every time Gary would look at my daughter singing her heart out, he would break into a big grin. He kept trying to throw her a pick, but they never got that far. After the show I emailed him to let him know how much she enjoyed it. He ended up sending her 3 picks, a DVD performance of 1964 The Tribute and one of his CD's. He was a very generous man and will be missed.
  • 12/20/2010 9:36 PM Bob Merando wrote:
    I'm saddened to learn of Gary's passing. I saw him at West Point a few years ago. His authographed picture hangs under my Beatles Stuff. The best left handed player next to Paul. I don't know how the group will replace him. Good Luck and may God Bless 1964 and Gary and his family. Your devoted fan Bob
  • 12/21/2010 2:14 AM Eric R. Larsen wrote:
    I was shocked to hear Gary Grimes. He past the legend to heaven. Peace are with you.
  • 12/22/2010 2:19 PM Christine Klinger wrote:
    Truly Gary will be missed & he was a dear special friend of mine who I met in the late 1980's at The Twin River's Festival when 1964 As The Beatles whom they were known back then played in my college town. I will never forget meeting Gary for the first time. It was during the band's break, I ran up to Gary thinking he was the real Sir Paul yelling like a nut. "Paul! Paul! give me your autograph please". I yelled Brother I bet Gary thought I lost my mind & he probably though"Gee! Doesn't this lady know I am not the real Paul McCartney". All in all Gary was so sweet & a kind & funny man who will be missed by all who knew him. To his family know this Gary is up in Heaven with Jeuse walking the streets of gold & is no longer suffering. RIP my friend Gary, see you in Paradise with John Lennon, George Harrison & my late husband who you brief met in 2001. As you said so many times beforeeace Always:
    Christine Klinger
  • 12/25/2010 1:37 AM john mullins wrote:
    I first me Gary about 3 years ago while the band was playing in Liberty KY. I asked Gary when the 1964 PBS concert was available for sale...He told me that they could not sell me one but if I emailed him that he would send me one...a couple weeks later I received the PBS DVD...he even paid for the shipping! My son has played that concert almost every day for the last three years...and has taught himself the drums thanks to Gary. We miss you Gary...nobody could do Paul as well as you... Your fans John and Sean
  • 12/31/2010 1:23 AM todd wrote:
    I am glad i had the privilege to see and meet Gary. I have not missed an appearance since 1989. Gary, you will be missed. Thanks Brother!
  • 1/2/2011 7:30 PM Dale VanOrden wrote:
    I was unaware of this sad news until now. My heartfelt condolences to Gary's family and friends. I never met the man but my wife and I sat for hours at the 2010 New York State Fair to see the band. Being a Beatles fan and not knowing what to expect from 1964, I must say that I was completely blown away. I have been hoping every since that night that they would return to our area. They were wonderful and I have told everyone I know and some that I don't about this Tribute. I have urged them all to see them if the chance arises. Actually, I had just finished telling some friends about the band and that's why I came here to see if there were any tour updates for my area when I got this news. I hope the band will continue and that they find someone who can come close to standing in for Mr. Grimes. I won't say replace because that will be no easy task! All my best to the family, friends, and fans of "The Tribute" and of course the guys themselves! I will remember that State Fair show always, and be thankful that I got to see the band while Gary was here.
  • 1/2/2011 9:53 PM Mark Bloom wrote:
    I grew up in Cuyahoga Falls and knew the Grimes family for many years. I was shocked and saddened to learn of Gary's passing during my holiday visit to Ohio. I was finally able to hear 1964 live when they came to Boulder, CO a few years ago. I was blown away by the performance and had a chance to speak with Gary after the show. He hadn't changed a bit - still smiling and friendly. I always admired Gary, not just for his musical talents, but also for his quality of character. He certainly touched many lives and will be remembered fondly. My thoughts are with his family during this difficult time.
    Mark Bloom
  • 1/8/2011 7:42 PM Doug Reynolds wrote:
    Any of us that picked up a bass, guitar or sat down behind a drum kit as I did after seeing the beatles on Ed Sullivan, wanted to reach that level of perfection. Gary reached that level that we all dreamed of. I am so glad to have seen the band many times over the years. My wife still talks of watching my jaw drop over and over at the performances. Thank you Gary and rest in peace.
  • 1/12/2011 2:16 AM sam wrote:
    Gary I will never ever forget seeing you for the first time, being on the front row, sitting in amazement of what I was witnessing before my very eyes. Then I got to know you, and what a wonderful caring, loving person you were. Your presence in this world will be truly missed. You and your performance that cold day in Kansas changed my life entirely. We will all miss you, but I know you are in a better place and are feeling no pain. My heart goes out to his wonderful family and his best mate, Partner in everything, Mark. My prayers and love are with you.
    'someday when were dreaming deep in love not a lot to say, then we will remember things we said today."
    Be good to each other.
  • 1/16/2011 3:01 PM kent martin wrote:
    I booked 1964 for many events over the years and it was always a very pleasant experience working with Gary and the group. I was very sad to hear the news of his passing. I extend my thoughts and prayers to his family.
  • 1/23/2011 10:39 PM Robin Hellman wrote:
    Devoted husband and father, accomplished musician, kind, enthusiastic man with the open heart and sheer delight of a child, you earned the respect and love of the countless lives you touched.

    Can hear it, Gary? Can you feel it now?The applause is deafening. Bravo!

    I'm thankful for you. I love you, Gary. Always -- Robin
  • 1/24/2011 12:08 AM Madison Hellman wrote:
    He was a good friend to my parents and was always so nice to me. I wish I had more memories with such an amazing man.
  • 1/24/2011 10:06 AM Erika Pfeiffer wrote:
    I learned of Gary's passing last night when I was attending a concert in Akron. I had been telling my companions about how wonderful 1964 The Tribute was, and how I would love to see them again. Gary was the best at what he did...he had the voice, the mannerisms, and the gestures down pat. He seems to have been a lovely man and I am so saddened to hear he is gone. I'm so grateful to have been able to see him perform on the occasions that I did. I hope that the knowledge of how much joy his talent brought to so many is a comfort to his family.
  • 1/27/2011 12:29 PM Tonya Maley wrote:
    What a wonderful tribute to a wonderful man. Your fans will miss you Gary but we'll be expecting another concert when we meet up with you again.
  • 1/29/2011 3:03 PM Jefff wrote:
    My wife and I have had the pleasure of seeing these guys several times on both the east and west coasts. They put on a great show. Thanks Gary for keeping "it" alive for the rest of us. You will be sorely missed. I'm glad I got to meet you after a Ram's Head Tavern show in Annapolis, Md. years ago.
  • 2/4/2011 10:44 PM Chris wrote:
    I am so sorry to hear of Gary's passing - He was a wonderful Paul - I have enjoyed 1964 several times at the Tennessee Theatre in Knoxville, TN - special prayers for his family - please don't let the his dream die - God Bless
  • 2/9/2011 2:31 PM Sandi wrote:
    I am broken-hearted to hear about Gary. I wrote for the Oklahoman for many years and had the pleasure of interviewing the band and getting to know them over the years. My first date with my now husband was to a 1964 show in Norman, OK. We married shortly after and a few years later,in 2004, my husband, Kevin Mathey was delighted to act as Ed Sullivan to introduce the band as we all celebrated the anniversary of th first appearance of The Beatles on the Ed Sullivan show.
    Gary was the consummate professional onstage and a kind man off it.
    My health forced me to retire from the paper in 2006, but I always remembered the kindnesses the band, and Gary, showed me, and my husband.
  • 2/9/2011 10:34 PM Meagan George wrote:
    I have known Gary my whole life. It started when my mom married Greg George (who was Ringo at the time) when I was seven. I've been to probably a 100 shows and loved every one of them. Growing up around these guys has been a true blessing. Gary, you were very close to me and to my heart. I know now you are up in the sky hanging out with all the coolest musicians singing your butt off! I love you with all my heart and will truly miss you.
    In the words of Gary,
    "Peace and Love"
  • 2/9/2011 10:59 PM Karen Ormes wrote:
    Gary was such a special fellow--saw him perform with the 1964 TRIBUTE many times in the Norfolk/Portsmouth, Virginia-area since late 80's and 90's. He was always my favorite tribute to PAUL. Last chatted with him in 1994 at Charles Rosenay's Beatles Convention in Stamford, Connecticut. What a lovely guy--and beautiful and blond--actually more attractive without the Beatle wig! Oh, we will all miss him with his wonderful, talented band as a total unique group--the best tribute band I've had the chance to see and hear! God speed to you, dear Gary. Many hugs to his family and bandmates. I'll always remember that last smile you gave me as you flew through the convention halls--meeting fans. You left us much too young--but you gave us all so much musical enjoyment.

    Hugs and Love, Karen
  • 2/24/2011 11:47 AM Tina Treece wrote:
    I still can't understand how this man, the kindness man I have known is not here on earth, but we know that he is an angel,and will see him one day.
  • 3/3/2011 12:37 AM nell wrote:
    I just found out that Gary who play Paul has pass away on my birthday I am so sad to heard this news. I pray for peace and comfort in his family and he will truly be missed.
  • 3/5/2011 10:58 PM Mikey G wrote:
    Theres a T-shirt from the 2008 show from Carniege Hall in Baghdad, Iraq....Sent my son a t-shirt and he put it on mess hall wall over there...
  • 3/5/2011 11:06 PM Mikey G wrote:
    Going 3 June 2011, for my birthday, to see them...Gary, TYVM for making my day at carnigeie hall, 4 years ago....I was the only guy dancing with all dem women...My prayers r with ur family
  • 3/9/2011 9:56 AM Alan wrote:
    I did not know Gary had passed. I am saddened to hear this. I got to meet Gary once in Maumee after a show. Had two of my granddaughters with me. We told Gary that Paul was Breanna's favorite Beatle. As we turned arounf to leave Gary said "Breanna, you know what? you're my favorite too" It means even more today then it it did then. It meant a lot then. Thanks Gary....
    1. 3/11/2011 7:19 PM Becky wrote:
      That is soo sweet that he said that to her. I'm glad that I was Gary's fan and friend. I sure will miss him like crazy. There will be NOBODY better than him.
  • 3/20/2011 11:49 PM Dr Robert & Prudence wrote:
    We had the honor and privilege to see 1964 many times over the years and meet "the lads" after each performance. Gary's bass work was impeccable, vocals flawless and dedication to his craft admirable, but what made Gary special was his love and affection for the fans. We was, and always will be, the best Paul McCartney in the business. He will be truly missed. I only hope he is up there jamming with John & George. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family, as well as Mark, Terry, Tom and Ricky, our dear friends in 1964
  • 3/24/2011 5:41 PM Bill wrote:
    I first saw 1964 with Gary in 1988, and was as blown away by his amazing skill as much that day as I was next next 20 or so times I saw him and the guys play over the years. He was nice enough to talk shop with me about Hofner basses and pointed me to his own source of hard-to-find Beatle bass strings. I will never forget that. Rest in peace, Gary.
  • 3/25/2011 2:48 PM HenryB wrote:
    In one of the posts above you'll see Bill Dickinson's comments. Well, he was the one to first tell me of this band which I saw and followed with great admiration from 1988 at Ottawa's Carleton U.
    Thank you to everyone who helped me to share and enjoy those joyous occasions and God Bless Gary (the man with the golden pipes) and Mark for sharing.
  • 3/30/2011 3:30 PM Paul wrote:
    It may be time to wrap things up now that Gary has moved on. Just a thought.
  • 3/30/2011 4:30 PM Jay Michael wrote:
    I was just thinking about 1964 yesterday, and when they might come through my way again. This was news, and really shocked and saddened me. I first met them in Myrtle Bch in 1989, and Gary gave me one of the original 1964 Guitar Picks that said "as the Beatles". Years later when they came back to Myrtle, & met him again, I showed him I'd kept the pick and he was delighted, telling me it was a collector's item because Apple had made them cease that wording on their advertising. Last time I saw them was at Wingate U. in 2003, it was on literally my Birthday. They all signed my "Live" CD, I of course still have the Guitar Pick and they let me take a great photo with them, which to this day is in an album labeled "Friends". We'll all miss you, Gary, may God be with you and your family.
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