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(First off let me state: "That I am an absolutely INSANE Beatle fan, and that accuracy is almost a religion with me".)

I have seen many Beatles tribute bands over the course of 20+ years, and even played in one. But of all the bands that I have seen, few drummers have been able to accurately capture the sound, and spirit of Ringo like Terry Manfredi.

Many people at this point of the conversation (especially all the other Ringo's out there) usually cut me off and say that doing Ringo is really not all that hard.  That's when I cut them off, and ask a simple question: If its so easy, then why is it that I have never seen a drummer as good and as accurate as Terry?  ALL of the drummers that I have seen and know ALWAYS get Day Tripper wrong. To further the degree of disparity, almost all the other drummers get the bass drum kicks wrong.

I think that the answer lies in a question I asked Terry a few years ago during an interview. I simply asked him "what is special about Ringo's drumming"? Terry's eyes lit up and with an almost boyish excitement, he explained that "Ringo's work is all left handed." He then proceeded to explain about the differences in the left hand work versus the right hand. He also explained how he was able to get the bass drum kicks right by countless hours of viewing the live videos of the Beatles and blasting the bass in his studio so he can hear them all correctly. Oh, and in case you didn't  know...Terry is also left-handed.

When Terry got a new floor tom-tom for the drum set, I watched him painstakingly tune it to the right note, to which he then said "wait until you hear this on the beginning of "She Loves You". He was right...its was IDENTICAL.

So to make this long story a bit shorter I will just say that Terry is the BEST drumming Ringo that I have seen. Not just because he is a talented and skilled musician, and not just because he is meticulous and a crazy stickler for details, but because Terry Manfredi cares enough to be all those things.


PS. Now, I KNOW that all of you will be glued on Terry during Day Tripper! lol!

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  • 6/3/2009 7:41 AM Lisa wrote:
    You are absolutely right, Terry is the best Ringo that I have seen, and his passion for the music definitely reflects in his performance.
  • 6/3/2009 12:43 PM Adam Alcantara wrote:
    Yeah you're absolutely right. I must say that the whole band has improved since Terry arrived. Greg George (the Ringo before Terry) was good, but he just didn't have the same energy that Terry has onstage.
    1. 12/26/2009 10:09 PM mario kyriakides wrote:
      As A Tribute drummer myself I am most impressed with Terrys posture as Ringo, I whatch Terry, Greg, Joe B. trying to learn all I can from these drummers, perhaps I will be mentioned as thier equals some day. thamks Mario K.
  • 6/3/2009 4:28 PM Marty wrote:
    Yes, Terry is an excellent drummer, but I feel he should also show more of Ringo's mannerisms.
  • 6/7/2009 8:38 PM Al Francis wrote:
    Terry is definatly the best out there.
    I do have to agree with Marty on the mannerisms, but yeah listening to the band with Greg on drums, and with Terry on drums, you notice that the energy is a million times stronger than before.
    1. 6/8/2009 11:51 AM Steve wrote:
      Terry gets the arm swing down really well,something that most Ringo's don't even try to do.

      He also mixes the "live" Ringo and "studio" Ringo in such a fantastic way.

      He puts so much "Ringo energy" into his playing that they often have to mike him down a little because he overpowers the band.
  • 9/4/2009 12:59 AM Arty wrote:
    I heard Terry isn't with them anymore.
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